What is Responsive Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

There are more devices now than desktops searching the web for information and services. Every device has a different screen resolution size. Screen resolution is measured in pixels, as the number of pixels wide by pixels tall. For example, most current televisions support high definition screen resolutions, for example, at 1920 X 1080. So, a responsive website will have a slightly different appearance to fit on larger resolution devices, such as your home television or WebTV, or smaller resolution devices, such as your Smart phone or any other small mobile device, and anywhere in between.

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Users are accessing websites from mobile phones as small as 320 X 480 or projecting them at higher resolutions than wide screen TVs.

A responsive website will respond to the device screen size by serving up the proper layout and navigation. For example, a website with a row of home page widgets will instead display in a column on a smaller screen size, as well as having different sizes for the widgets and text so your important content can still be read and scanned by the human eye.

What is a widget? Is it like a doohickey or an app?


Sorry – it is neither. A widget is a part of your website which displays a small piece of content whether static or dynamic, but from your WordPress or other Content Management System platform, you can control where it displays – on all pages and posts, on your home page, or any combination of the three, with additional customization and control available as necessary at the template level, or through CSS.

Having a responsive site, or mobile site, or adaptive site is becoming increasingly urgent in this world of portable devices especially in the small and local business realm, to drive traffic, help maintain your brand identity and build a connection to your current clients and future advocates. A responsive site design can be easier to maintain as opposed to other types of services which may need to be updated separately.

More information on adaptive vs responsive design can be found at TechRepublic’s article : What is the difference between responsive vs. adaptive web design?

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