Make Content Matter: Content Marketing Infographic

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How to Make Content Matter (Part One: Content Strategy)

Make content matter by developing a content strategy. Learn the difference between the strategy, and the marketing (the execution of the strategy). The content strategy is the WHAT, the content marketing plan identifies the HOW.

Grow your social media followers

12 tips for small business social media growth
So, you’re using Hootsuite, right? And you have your content calendar planned for the first quarter of

How We Help Clients Earn Links and Gain Credibility

Link building is an old-school tactic, which can damage your website’s reputation. In today’s semantic search, link earning gains you credibility, improves your page relevance to matched search terms and helps your SEO. Following the three A’s will guide your link earning by associating your site with other credible sites, will yours too, earn gain authority.

Local SEO For Beginners

Most local search results are delivered locally for businesses and services – ensure that your website data and links to your site include accurate information for your local business and services.

SEO Today

SEO tactics have matured from page analyses and keyword counting to structured data and keyword research that drives marketing strategies. No longer is link building relevant to Page Rank, but brand identity and content development help determine your position on search queries.

Build and Measure a Small Business Marketing Campaign

Some Tools you may use:
•Your existing business plan or marketing plan
•Social Media Networks (any of: Google plus, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit, Foursquare and a social media management tool like HootSuite)
•A CMS such as WordPress or Drupal, with social media and content analysis plugins
•Email Marketing platform such as MailChimp
•Analytics tools: web analytics such as google analytics, email marketing platform analytics, facebook analytics, pinterest analytics, call tracking analytics or other sales analytics such as Salesforce

Step 1: Gather Data for your Action Plan

Local Search Optimization

Studies show that optimizing your website and online marketing campaign are increasingly important, especially where your location matters. In a Nielsen study in 2006, 73%

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a method for promoting your business and connecting with customers on their terms through social media platforms such as

All About Customer Loyalty

How do you gain repeat customers? You build customer loyalty through customer satisfaction by exceeding customers’ expectations. Happy customers are more likely to buy more,