SEO Today

SEO is no longer:

  • meta tags
  • keywords & page analysis
  • link building

It is and should be part of your marketing plan to include:

  • A website platform with SEO tools
  • Keyword research for content writing and advertising
  • Social Media Management


SEO today has evolved from what it once was and branched off into focus areas. SEO once included modifying site elements called meta tags, measuring keyword elements such as proximity, weight and relevance, and building incoming traffic permanently with links from external sources to build rank.

SEO Today - Site Elements

These ideas have matured though their premise remains the same. Meta tags remain important, including:

  • page title,
  • description,
  • keyword.

New site elements of importance include structured data, such as breadcrumbs, testimonials and vCards. Google ignores the keyword meta tag completely and now no longer displays your description in search results, while other search engines still pay attention to legacy elements. Google is transitioning to the semantic web, so semantic markup is also important – this includes structured data and snippets.

SEO Today - Keywords

Content remains as important as ever but this SEO element has evolved to a user element.

Your site content is an important marketing tactic and should be written to maintain audience engagement, not to satisfy whatever speculated measurement of keyword usage SEO speculators have determined as target goals for every business.

Relevance is no longer a measurement of concern but relevancy in relation to the search query is. Formerly the keyword relevance of your webpage was measured by how many times your target keyword phrase was repeated on your page. Now, Google measures the relevancy of your web page in relation to the users keyword search by the content on the pages that link to your page, in comparison to other pages with similar links and surrounding content. So far, your own site’s content still counts in this calculation, which is why breadcrumbs are important and why keyword research is still relevant.
A second important part of this relevancy is social signals – the more advocates you have that mention your brand, the more relevant your page will be to answer a user’s search query.

SEO Today - Online Reputation

This is the new “Page Rank” – do you connect with customers and gain brand advocates on and off the web? This is where social media comes to play an important role in customer service and marketing. Build your brand identity and online reputation as part of your marketing plan and use a content management system such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or DotNetNuke, with important SEO elements built in (or added on within 2 clicks). Link building as a service is extinct. Your incoming links should grow naturally as part of your marketing strategy, and as you build your online reputation.

Understanding current SEO tactics will help develop your marketing strategies in the new year, boosting your organic signals by maintaining best practices. Master Web Creations offers tips on building customer loyalty and building your small business marketing campaign or contact us to help manage your content or social accounts.

Here is a link to our full infographic; share and link back to our detailed article:

SEO Tactics - Then & Now

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