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12 tips for small business social media growth

So, you’re using Hootsuite, right? And you have your content calendar planned for the first quarter of 2016. But you have such a small following, the content you publish is getting the response of chirping crickets. How do you grow your following and reach your target audience so you can actually accomplish your engagement goals?

Jason Demers of Audience Bloom has 39 social media follower growth tips for you, which we’ve updated and shortened to 12 easy tips for the busy small business owner.
social-media-growth-steps Set 1

  1. Reach out to influencers
    Find your target market influencers, follow them, comment on and share their posts, and tag them in yours. When you gain new followers, follow them back.
  2. Include links to your social profiles & share buttons on your website and in your newsletters
    Make sure your social profiles are easy to find and your website content can also be easily shared. Encourage newsletter sign ups on your social content, and vice-versa.
  3. Share your knowledge – post original, relevant content
    Write timely content that appeals to your target market, but also share some relevant content from others, as in tip #1.
  4. Share popular posts
    Follow others, comment on and share their posts, and tag them in yours. When you gain new followers, offer a thank-you message or access to exclusive content.
  5. social-media-growth-steps Set 2Be engaging and responsive
    Social media is another medium for customer support; answer questions, ask questions and correspond with your audience.
  6. Follow others to engage with
    Part of reaching out to influencers, if someone follows you, follow them right back! Show your appreciation and communicate with them and their audience.
  7. Use hashtags
    User relevant and trending hashtags to attract new followers.
  8. Include images and other media in your posts
    Include quality images that can go viral, attract attention and can be both interactive and Set 3
  9. Optimize your efforts – be active regularly
    Post quality content frequently, at times that garner the most shares.
  10. Add social widgets to your website
    Publicize your social accounts in-store, offering incentives for brand loyalty.
  11. Offer incentives, giveaways and conduct surveys or invite responses to questions
    Post interactive content to encourage customer interaction.
  12. Be fun! Be positive!
    Have fun, be genuine and use tactful humor for an open and encouraging social atmosphere.

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Social Media Growth for Small Business

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