All About Customer Loyalty

How do you gain repeat customers? You build customer loyalty through customer satisfaction by exceeding customers’ expectations. Happy customers are more likely to buy more, buy repeatedly, and lead to more customers through referrals.

You can take simple steps to building customer loyalty by keeping in touch, following up and building a reward system. It is also important to note that when you really care, it shows. Here are some great ideas for building customer loyalty:

  • Build a referral system, by issuing a discount to the referring customer, or giving them a free service for multiple referrals
  • Send out thank you notes, birthday cards or customer anniversary cards to let them know they are appreciated – include lottery tickets, scratch offs or other call to action
  • Use social media to communicate current promotions and keep your company name on their social radar
  • Send out email newsletters to educate, inspire and call your customers to action
  • Gather feedback and respond promptly through comment cards, online reputation management and social media
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